How To Play :

  • The First Step is Launch " ENTER "
  • To Fly Up use Propulsion " SPACE "
  • Moving Left and Right Avoiding Obstacles " A,D or ARROWS "
  • Use Accelerator " Left or Right SHIFT "

This Game Was Made Under 14 days

Story :

Gravity Inc. a company which is focused on gravitational research studies using the best scientists in the world. They also give opportunity to some good students hiring them as interns. Their goal is to achieve the knowledge of manipulating 'wormholes' and 'portals' between distant spaces. Also they love rockets, jet-engines and shuttles. They're more like a “Space" company which invests a lot on new technologies.

There he is... Our intern who work and learn about quantum physics and other boring stuff... No ops I'm sorry. Anyway... Here at Gravity Industries our dear JetBoy got the luck of working at the same Lab section as Layla, which is his true love. 

Layla is working at the lab with some high tech stuff and one of her experiments is a gravitational portal which our dear JetBoy is involved. 

When JetBoy appeared in the lab (breaking something and making some awkward face ahh...) his lovely girl Layla was working on that very hard (I mean boring... ya now) experiment. She is a genius! Different from our JetBoy...

Continuing to breaking some stuff and being awkward, JetBoy (sorry about that too...) his lovely girl just figured out how to open the portal! How awesome is that? But she still don't know how to make it stable. So they need to reach other places phisically through a new Jet-pack which are still in development. Also they need to use an intern as volunteer to make the "test" (That's the part when everything become interesting).

Everybody look and point to our poor (and clumsy btw) JetBoy. But (of course) he doesn't want to use the Jet-pack... So JetBoy 'W A N T E D' to be the volunteer and started the test.

After a few hours he returned to the lab and couldn't find Layla! (OMG) Instead he just saw a portal closing and a strange creature in a place seeming like the MOON...

Now our (ungainly, gawky, unwieldy and blundering) JetBoy don't know how to open the portal to go and save her... So he decided to reach the moon by using the Jet-pack!

And he said: "I need to save her... Let's go!"

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorUU Soft
Made withAdobe Photoshop, Unity
Tags2D, Action-Adventure, Arcade, i-cant-draw, jetpack, Music, stickboy, stickman, story, Unity
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Heyy Really Fun Game!
I bought all the upgrades and finally reached the moon!

Some notes 

Maybe check the levels of the music when the player reaches the moon? I think it's way too loud and kinda scared me off my seat when the music came on?! The music is kind of clipping so maybe check the levels there too?

But the game was fun overall. I spent about an hour just to get to the moon~

Oh dude, Thank you so much for your Honest Feedback.

(1 edit)

What a great job on this! You can tell some time went into this. It is so satisfying to see how the upgrades take effect. Nice work

Oh thanks dude i am glad that u like it

I liked it but I can't find the store.

İs it only on downloadable version?

Thanks,about the store you can find it when you die :